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Save time to make more money with the right CRM that’s like your very own virtual assistant (but better!)


Getting a tech headache trying to  connect your website to your CRM?

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You’re beyond busy and want to keep growing your business

You’ve worked hard to build your business and it’s doing well. But you feel like you’re constantly juggling and sometimes things get left behind. Because there’s so much going on that things are starting to slip through the cracks… like keeping on top of enquiries, keeping in touch with clients, following up on quotes, or chasing up that invoice that hasn’t been paid… (!).


You know you need help so you’re looking for a virtual assistant. But did you know that the right CRM system can do all of this for you, without the headaches of hiring, paying for and managing an employee?


At this point you might be wondering: how do I choose a CRM from the confusing list of contenders, let alone have the time and techspertise needed to get it set up..?


Imagine if there was a way for you to get an expert to recommend the right, affordable CRM solution to suit your business. Then set up automated client communication for you, take care of the tech, and train and support you with your new system…

Cherri Truffle sets up your business for growth to give you more time to focus on the important stuff

Setting up the wrong CRM can be time consuming, cause headaches and look unprofessional to potential clients (as can hiring the wrong virtual assistant!). So why waste time and money when you can work with an expert who sets up your CRM to do all those important jobs (and more) like magic?

The right CRM automation is like having your own virtual assistant (but better) because there’s no need to find the right person, train them, pay wages, then manage any problems.

Picture This

🗸 Getting back more time

Getting back more time while you make more money with smart, automated client communication workflows

🗸 Invoices

Knowing that your invoices are being followed up on autopilot

🗸 Follow up emails

 Having follow up emails sent to clients without even thinking about it

🗸 Feeling Professional

Feeling professional with branded, consistent client communication

🗸 Professional templates

 Standard, professional proposal, quotation, invoice and payment follow-up templates

🗸 Work on your business

 Finally being able to work on your business more instead of in your business

🗸 Client Appointments

A system that automatically adds client appointments to your calendar

We make this happen for you in three easy steps:

1 Design
We meet with you via video call to map the client workflows that work for your business

2 Build
Your CRM is set up with custom branded templates and emails in just 2-4 weeks

3 Launch
You’ll get full training and support to get started with confidence

With a choice of packages to suit your needs


Targeted, custom automation for one or two key processes you’d like to happen on autopilot with your CRM doing all the hard work

CRM Customisation

All the automated email templates your business needs to greet, nurture and keep clients including CRM setup, full training, and implementation support

Get more time in your week while you keep building your business. Talk to us now for a free 15 minute discovery call and find out how we help business owners like you:

Like any entrepreneur, my time is important.
I didn’t realise how much of it I was wasting on duplicating processes until Juliette came along

I first approached Juliette because I was spending too much time on things like sending proposals and invoices, scheduling appointments and follow-up client communication. Like waaay too much time.

She set me up with Dubsado which firstly allows me to offer clients bookings online that go directly into my calendar. Then she made a process that took about 7 separate online tasks and two emails to clients, into one login to Dubsado and completing a few details. With the new system, clients get one email with everything they need in it, so it makes my clients’ lives easier too.

Like any entrepreneur, my time is important. I didn’t realise how much of it I was wasting on duplicating processes until Juliette came along. If you’re sick of wading through the same old blah processes and need someone to help you up your efficiency game (read: same time and money), Juliette is your gal!

Ali Edgar


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Hi I’m Juliette the founder of Cherri Truffle| Systems that Streamline Growth. We love helping small business owners and online entrepreneurs like you to get more time back (while they achieve more).

As a business owner you have so much to do every day. So why not make life easier by automating and optimising your regular, key client communications?

This is what we do: choose the right CRM for you, work with you to find out your key workflows and processes, then get the CRM set up and branded for your business, ready for you to add the finishing touches and press ‘go’.

If you’re like most business owners, you know that choosing the wrong tech solutions can be time consuming, cost money and cause you headaches. That’s why you should talk to a professional with the system, tech and process know-how who will just get it done for you (hint: us!).

We offer a free 15 minute discovery call, so if you’re feeling stuck and wondering how you can take your business to the next level, get in touch and let’s chat.


Juliette and the Cherri Truffle Team